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ABOUT The Antipoet…


A wry blend of anarchocynisism and comic observation.


The Antipoet, Paul Eccentric and Ian Newman, are together the world's finest exponents of beatrantin' rhythm 'n views!

Having become enormously successful over the past five years, they now run their own nights in both London and the home counties. They have tirelessly toured the poetry, comedy and music circuits, and have appeared at countless festivals including, Glastonbury, Edinburgh, Brighton, Ledbury, Camden, Wenlock, Larmer Tree, Nostock, Blyth Power Ashes and Buxton. They have also performed at magazine launches, Christmas light switch-ons, street parties, several libraries and schools, a shop window, the back of a lorry, on various boats, in the minstrel gallery of the Liverpool Town Hall and at Silverstone for the Grand Prix.

" their books and discs at least..."

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'Hanging with Poets'

£5.00 (+ £1.50 P&P)

'Hanging with Poets', along with the title track, this album has some great festival favourites, such as, 'Foxy Copper', 'Little Old Lady', 'Overnight Success' and 'We're Artists'

'Random Words'

£5.00 (+ £1.50 P&P)


Politics, satire and much more with 'Champion The Underdog', 'Anyone We Know' and the annoying catchy, 'Randon Words in a Random Order'

'Ere's One For The Kiddies'

£5.00 (+ £1.50 P&P)


'Ere's One For The Kiddies', the naughtiest album thus far, containing, 'Everyone's a Critic', 'Believe What Thou Wilt'  a live version of 'Tights Not Stockings' (Glastonbury: live) and the title track.

THE ANTIPOET doing it again... and again... at Glastonbury Festival!

For the THIRD year running, RRRants happily lent The Antipoet to the lovely people at Glastonbury Festival.

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In 2013...

The news was announced in April and was accompanied by a glowing review from the festival's official blogger, before they'd even made it to the stage:

"I screamed when I saw they were on too! Possible my favourite poetry act ever and the stage needs them! My favourite poetry ‘band’, these two had adults streaming tears in laughter and kids all round me jumping from their seats chanting ‘Tights Not Stockings’, the last time I saw them at a live gig. My mum fancies them, my nan thinks they’re ‘a bit too rude’, my mates think they’re geniuses and I think their song ‘Random Words’ should be given out as medication to anyone who’s gone to too many naff poetry gigs. Serious ideas performed hilariously." - Hollie McNish, Glastonbury 2013 Official Blogger

Following their multiple performances across the weekend, The Anitpoet received yet more glowing reviews, including:

"We just want to say, The Antipoet are a dream to watch, check them out, very, very worthwhile"  - Poetry & Words, Glastonbury June 2013

A note from the boys themselves: The Antipoet would like to thank all the lovely people, performers, staff and festival goers for making their first time out at Glastonbury utterly memorable and bloody brilliant to boot! Especially Helen, Helen's mum, Bohdan for the photos and Hollie for the blogging. Cheers!

In 2014...

The lads were gobsmacked to find that they were featured in the early pages of the official event guide! Following this, they gave another stonkin' set of performances, to prove their worth to onlooking revellers. Well, it would have been rude not to!

Another note from the chaps in kilts: Another wonderful Glastonbury for The Antipoet at The Poetry &  Words stage! A huge thank you to the organisers and everyone that came along and filled the rather large tent, clapped a lot and bought their cds, they are very happy bunnies! Fingers crossed for 3rd time lucky!

In 2015...

The Antipoet had their best Glastonbury ever totting up 15 performance slots! They would like to thank Benita Johnson for inviting them onto the Poetry and Words stage, Jules Howarth for the Mavericks stage, Gabriella Wilton for the GreenPeace stage, Tim Fulker for the Banjo stage and all the lovely people that trusted them with their open mic stages!

In 2016... 

The wettest year-to-date for The Antipoet but always a joy and as usual thank you to a fantastic crew who always go above and beyond!

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REVIEWS of The Antipoet

2016, WOW! Another great year for The Antipoet, with far too many people to thank for some great festivals and events across the land, but you know who you are so 'thank you'!

With over 40 dates on the tour thus far, including 18 festivals, they’ve surprised everyone by still being upright! Here’s to 2017!

"We want Antipoet next year, otherwise I'm sure there'll be a riot from the audience."
- Anna Harriot, Arts Programmer Larmer Tree Festival, July 2016

"Friday night belonged to The Stranglers (but) then there was an impromptu performance by this festival's heroes, the beatrapping Antipoet duo, augmented at times by the Southampton Ukulele Jam. It's unexpectedly delightful things like this that make Larmer Tree what it is. (The Antipoet are) the jewel in Larmer's crown; an old style punk aided by a double bass player, booted in six inch heels. His hilarious anarchic 'beatranting' on virtually any subject, delighted an audience rammed to the gunwales."
- Bournemouth Echo July 2016
"4. The Antipoet
In the real ale venue known as The Travelling Barn on Friday afternoon, two men clambered onto a small stage to play to a half-empty tent of small children sitting with their mums. One of them, Ian Newman, was tall, with long dark hair, a Dali moustache and studded, knee-high black kinky boots. He played a double bass and made occasional interjections. The other, Paul Eccentric, was shorter, with spiked punky hair, goth make-up and a black leather kilt with handcuffs attached. He fired out poems, giving them hammy theatre. From the start they revelled in the fact the venue was completely unsuitable for their set and songs such as “Gimp Night Down at the Fighting Cocks” (pictured above left), shorn of its naughtier bits, were all the funnier for it. They also sent themselves up with bitter amusement, portraying themselves as perennial losers stuck on the festival/toilet circuit. The set was very funny but also had bite and pith. By the end they’d won a crowd, including red-faced mums at the front, and our group was enthralled, especially when they ended with a song exposing the mind of a middle-aged man trying not to ogle girls. “Tights not stockings,” ran the desperate chorus. They were a classic example of the sort of band you stumble across at a festival. If you do so, stick around; The Antipoet come recommended.

5. KT Tunstall..."
- Review of Camp Bestival’s Top 5 Acts 2016

"Really, really ace, I like what you do!"

- Ray Peacock Comedian, March 2015

"The only thing that can prepare you for The Antipoet is having seen them before"
- Wesley Freeman-Smith, Moving Tone, February 2013

"You guys ROCKSTARRED the place… woooo… ENCORE!"

- Huw Dylan Elilis, Nozstock Festival, July 2011


"Sweet as strawberries; sharp as lemon barley water."

- Jo Bell, Ledbury Festival, July 2011


"Original in material and striking in appearance - the crowd loved them."

Gary Longden, Variety Night,  Bilston, September 2011


"It's like sharing a dressing room with a rock band. They made me feel like Debbie Harry."

- Laura Dockrill June 2010


"An act at the forefront of the new movement, with material dripping in parody. They take poetry to a new level, with performances as memorable as they are hilarious"

- The Stage, July 2010


"Enigmatic beat poetry. A dazzling display of poetry, comedy and music. sometimes all in the same moment!"

- Edinburgh Fringe Review, August 2010


"Combining music, poetry and comedy is one of the hardest things to pull off but they do it brilliantly."

- Paul Lyalls, August 2010


"Great material! Totally professional but completely unpretentious."

- Jude Simpson, August 2010


"You guys built a vibe. Did it for me big time."

- David J, August 2010


"Great singer and bass player; he's genius."

- Ed Tudor Pole, July 2010


"The sexiest poets on the stage since I retired."

- Yanny Mac, September 2010


"Eyeliner, triangle and a double bass have never been funnier!"

- Word of Mouth, September 2010


The AntiPoet
Paul Eccentric
Ian Newman aka The Bass Tart

REVIEWS of The Rhythm Method Tour, featuring The Antipoet...

"The Rhythm Method tour is on the road and coming to a theatre near you. Delight in an unforgettable evening of free range badinage and copious syncopation from the masters of beat poetry The Antipoet and their willing accomplice Mark Niel, the undefeated Super middleweight Poet Laureate of Milton Keynes.

Thrill to the mellifluous vocal goodness and lyrical virtuosity of Paul Eccentric, set to the slaptastic fingering of Ian Newman, the man who put the ‘pimp’ in pimpernel. Be amazed at the poetry and song that spills from their silky cuffs. And don’t be fooled by the black nail varnish and eyeliner, our winsome twosome champion the cause of every “ordinary” person who dares to follow their dream. By the time they have finished rummaging through their goody bag of poetic delights, you will find yourself basking in the aftermath of a superb evening of entertainment. Where else could you get this? And all for the price of a pair of ladies tights and four pork sausages?"

Shadwell Smith, Poet, The Maltings Theatre in St Albans, October 2012 - 

"Poised at the intersection between, poetry, comedy and music, two guys in leather wearing far too much make up are waiting impatiently:double bass wielded like some kind of illegal weapon and a world of failing words waiting in the wings. together they are known as The Antipoet, an anarchic tour de force and the chances of an act like this existing are fairly minimal - but I'm very glad they do. Along with comedy poet Mark Niel, these excitable chaps make up the Rhythm Method. Mark is a self-proclaimed stand-up poet - which is as he cheerfully explains means- if no one laughs it's poetry not comedy and vice versa. The audience loved this guy - listening, laughing, and groaning at all the terrible puns in all the right places. His set is incredibly fluid with little distinction between 'pieces' and 'talking in between pieces', such blurring of lines is far from being unstructured; in fact it signifies a consummate and well seasoned performer.

The only thing that can prepare you for The Antipoet up next is having seen them before. One man slaps and plucks at the upright bass whilst the other dramatically enacts the verbal element, all flailing arms, gnashing of teeth and good stabs at banter.  Not only are they unique but very, very funny; all in a mischievous, impeccably dishevelled way. Their act is the antithesis of every pretension you can imagine associated with the poetry scene, without dulling any of it's essential instruments; an active and much needed tonic to people taking themselves all too seriously. We had, again, a riff on the whole, 'We're Artists - we're special' attitude, all laden with sardonic sneers and irony. We had the piece 'most likely to get you beaten up', mocking ageing Nazis, and we even had some 'love' poetry - read into that what you will.

Such antics would not work if it wasn't incredibly good, but thankfully, even when slightly ill, they have more energy than a small wind farm and more wit than a seasoned stand-up."

Wesley Freeman-Smith, Writer, The Fountain in Cambridge, February 2013 -

"Comedy smashes poetry on the head with a double bass and a poet laureate that can't keep his clothes on! The 'Rhythm Method' comedy tour combines the wit and dubious wisdom of The Antipoet with the sheer genius that is Milton Keynes’ poet laureate, Mr Mark Niel. An evening of entertainment not easily forgotten but vouchers for therapy are available on your way out.

The tour started at The Maltings Theatre in October 2012 and will finale in Edinburgh 2013 but are particularly looking forward to a nice long weekend at the seaside!"

Laughing Horse Comedy, Brighton, May 2013  -